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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
University Forum Thursday – last chance to hear it live
Confirmed speakers for Thursday 15 September 12.30pm at the Otago University Union are:

Victor Billot (Alliance)
James Boyack (Progresive)
Alan Heward (New Zealand First)
Willy Martin (Act)
Mark Peters (United First)
Metiria Turei (Greens)
Bob Warren (Demcrats for Social Credit)

The general topic will be the part your party will play in
the new government, what your policy priorities will be and
who you'd be prepared to work with to achieve them. There'll
be questions from the audience too, which could be on
anything and everything.

No Labour or National?

Excellent. People need to get out of the two party mentality.
Well, it won't matter anyway because Katherine Rich doesn't turn up to anything on campus and Pete is complacently sitting on his 45 000 majority or whatever it is.

I think it is supposed to be a smaller party forum.
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