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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Last Post . . . for a while anyway
Now the election is over, I'll be returning to my general Victor Billot blog.

I'm going to keep this Dunedin election blog alive though: who knows, there might even be another election sometime.

I'll keep mixing in the political posts in my VB blog, however I thought I would just fill people in on where things are at.

The Alliance didn't poll well on Saturday night: in fact very low. The main reason I think is that a lot of those who agreed with our ideas chose to support Labour/Greens: in a sense, the election was a vote against National more than an uncritical vote for Labour.

Also the Alliance has had a bumpy ride over the last few years, with some bad decisions taken by former leaders. Now, despite all the hassles, I am actually quite happy with the party we have. There is a range of views, but we seem to be a party that has a strong member-driven organization. The party is well run by volunteers.

The Alliance is the voice of the principled left in New Zealand.

A large team helped out on the campaign in Dunedin: we actually got extensive media coverage and overcame the view that we were no longer around. A note of thanks to all the local crew who did the volunteer work:
Julie, Chris, Eunice and Harry, Marvin, Robert G., Kay, Jim, Bob and Jean, Les, Andrew W., Norm and the rest of the Oamaru crew, Dave M., Mark Baxter, Sam M., Gail and Keith, Sandy, Jen, Andrew G., Sheri H. and Mark M. at Port Chalmers, Ryan, David T. for the ute, Jimmy, Don, the International Socialists, OUSA and OPSA for inviting us to the forums, the Mystirtron guys, the local journalists who gave us a fair go and fair coverage, the Maritime Union Port Chalmers branch for sponsoring me with a generous donation, the forum organizers who included us – CTU, Forest and Bird, Church Groups amongst others. Hope I haven't forgotten anyone – I will have.

If anyone would like more information about where we are going from here on in, please get in touch via my website.

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