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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
It's getting close to the line, the pressure is on and the campaign is hotting up.

Actually, around Dunedin I've been surprised at the quietness of meetings and appearances by politicians. Today at Otago University a mild mannered crowd enjoyed a mild mannered speech by Dr Cullen, which I felt dutybound to razz up a little bit with some questions. And I managed to get on Channel 9 news apparently.

A union-organized forum tonight saw National MP Katherine Rich not turn up (surprise!). As a result poor old Mark Peters got a roasting from the freezing workers about United Future's policies as he was the next best thing. Mind you, United's policies are right wing, and their weasly deal cutting approach is no longer getting the desired response from the punters. My advice to Mark is next election, try to understand that what is wrecking the family is the capitalist free market system, not social engineering.

Here is a photo of life on the campaign trail, talking to the students at Otago University.

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