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Friday, September 16, 2005
And just a few final words . . .
The last few days have gone in something of a blur as the last newsletters are delivered and final meetings are held.

Today was largely concentrated on ensuring all the signs came down on time around town; small teams from all parties were to be seen around town retrieving their signage, or at least that which had survived the vandal attacks.

After tomorrow, I'll probably take the opportunity to make some analysis of the results and where things are heading, before moving back to my non-election blog.

Just a few thoughts before the Big Day:

So many things about this election have been defined by the right wing. The left is still in conservative mode, and this approach over the last six years has made us vulnerable to exactly the type of appeal to mindless, short term greed that the right thrives on. We need to start setting the agenda: people and planet, not corporate profits.

The only vote that is "wasted" is a vote wasted on something you don't believe in.

Let's vote for each other, for justice, democracy, respect and tolerance for all. Let's vote for a positive future. Let's take back the world off the greedheads and give it back to the rest of us who have to live in the mess they're creating.

See you at the polling booth.

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